Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Stretchable and flexible USB cable

Asahi Kasei Company recently introduced a new type of cable to the public, which has an interesting and very useful feature - if necessary it can be stretched. In addition, the novelty seems to be considerablymore flexible than the existing counterparts. The development is suitable for connecting power supply and data transmission.

The new technology, dubbed Roboden, could revolutionize the production of cables for electronic devices (including USB).Innovation is based on the use of polyurethane elastic yarn"Spandex". The stretch factor Roboden cable is about the same as that of human skin - 1.5.

Obviously, this means that a cable can be sewn into clothing, and it will not hamper movement. In addition, the expandable cable canmake a wired headset more durable.

But even more significant development prospects of this seem to bein the areas of innovation. For example, the proposed videorepresentative of Asahi Kasei mentions that the new technology will find a use in the creation of an artificial skin for robots.

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