Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Concept iDesk - the future of office?

The designer Adam Benton proposed the concept of a desktop withan interactive surface iDesk. The device allows a computer and a variety of gadgets interact with each other, and also present a number of original solutions.

For example, to synchronize your PC and portable devices will be sufficient to just put the last on the table. Additional keyboard and mouse are not required on the lid will be a virtual touch keyboard, and the entire surface can act as a huge trackpad.
Make phone calls, appointments, and perform many other tasks can be directly through the table. The concept will keep their jobs in good order - no need to hold a table documents, business papers, phones, computer peripherals, etc.

The table will be running the Mac OS operating system and interact with mobile gadgets, controlled iOS. Naturally, iDesk will support multi-touch and be able to simultaneously work with a variety of programs and applications. Different wallpaper will make it possible to change the surface of the table in its sole discretion, avoiding routine.
Unfortunately, some specifications are not reported - all described in general terms. However, in recent years on the market are beginning to enter various interactive tables, and quite possibly, iDesk ever become a real workplace for many people.

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