Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Start with a screen reader mirasol on sale

It is finished. Finally, the market has its first gadget with a screen-based technology mirasol. Of course, we expect its appearance a year earlier, but better late than never.

The first screen reader to become mirasol Kyobo eReader - the gadget is running based on Android, developed by Kyobo Book Centre and Qualcomm. The heart was the new processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 with a frequency of 1 GHz, 5.7-inch touch screen has a resolution of 1024x768 reading room, and the gadget is connectedto a network of Wi-Fi.

In the sale of novelty will be today, but so far only in South Korea. The price will be just over $ 300, but the reader with a color screen and the ability to read in the dark, and with a duration of battery lifecomparable to the black-white reading room with screens on the basis of electronic ink, is clearly worth it.

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