Sunday, 8 April 2012

iPen - an active stylus for the iPad

In the world there is more than a dozen Stylus Tablet PC, and almostall of these accessories are working on the same principle - tosimulate the conductive properties of the human finger. However, not all styli are, for example, an interesting exception to the rule is activestylus iPen.

New promises to provide much more accurate input of informationthan most ordinary stylus. This is achieved by projecting the cursor on the screen tablet. In some ways resembles iPen Inkling from Wacom,except that instead of using the paper screen iPad. The device consists of two components of the pen, and a module that tracks his actions. The latter is connected to the 30-pin connector tablet. Thus,after a straightforward calibration (during which the user once the penfor the screen) iPen «knows" exactly where the pen relative to thetouchscreen.

Judging from the promotional video, the novelty should qualitativelychange the level of interaction between the electronic pen and touch screen. Of course, this accessory is needed not for everyone: thedignity of its people will appreciate that use a tablet for graphicsketch and record keeping.

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