Thursday, 5 April 2012

Samsung Chromebox – Chromebook в формате десктопа

Samsung has recently introduced a new ultra-compact desktopChromebox, is designed to run on the operating system Chrome OS.In fact, the novelty is stationary analogue laptops Chromebook.

The body of the PC has dimensions of 193 x 193 x 33 mm. Among the interfaces for connecting devices mentioned five ports USB 2.0,port Ethernet, DVI and DisplayPort, and the audio jack. As withother PCs running on Google, the new Chromebox will be almost completely relying on Cloud resources to store and work with files.As a result, instead of the bulky hard drive installed in this model, a faster and more energy-efficient solid-state drive. Thus, according to Samsung, to load the operating system when you turn away no more than 10 seconds.

As a desktop device for accessing the Internet, Chromeboxpromises to be much more flexible and mobile solution than traditional PCs in the same format. The novelty is perfect for educational institutions, corporate environment, Internet clubs and other establishments in which a computer uses a lot of people.
A new computer to go on sale in the second quarter of this year.Cost new is $ 399.

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