Monday, 9 April 2012

Internal lighting for book readers Flex Lighting

Paper books are quickly dealt positions, giving way to audiobooks, and electronic versions for book readers. And as a man who lovesreading, I think one of the major shortcomings of the existing book readers (with screen-based electronic ink, or mirasol) the need forextra lighting for reading in the dark. And Flex Lighting offers an elegant solution to this problem.

Novelty is a thin transparent film that could evenly distribute the lightof a pair of LEDs. Thus, we are able to integrate into virtually anylighting display with minimal additional cost of energy.

Yes, this is not the first proposed method of internal illumination forbook readers, but it is clearly preferable, since it uses a minimum ofadditional materials and does not distort the image on the screen.Unfortunately, the official website still no mention of partnerships, soto predict in what we see novelty gadgets, is not yet possible. Butlet's hope that the present invention will not only gadgets, but also in retail, so that everyone could build their own lights in their existingdevices.

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