Sunday, 8 April 2012

The screen of the new Kindle reading room can be illuminated

Until now, one of the problems with the book readers e-ink screen isthe need for external lighting - whether it is light in the room or torch, fixed on the cover of the reading room. It seems that a new generation of book readers Amazon Kindle this problem will be gone.

Integration of the light to the screen - a long overdue necessity. And, it seems, Amazon has long been decided that to do. Back in 2010Amazon acquired the company Oy Modilis, who worked on the problems of lighting displays, and has many patents in this area.

Highlighting the new Kindle will be softer than the illumination ofLCD, but it is still blue light diode, and not an imitation of natural light. Perhaps it would be something like mentioned on our pagessolutions Flex Lighting.

However, everything can still change, but technology can beimproved. This is not an official announcement, news has becomethe basis for the statement of representatives of TechCrunch, who claim to have been able to see one of the earliest prototypes of the gadget.

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