Sunday, 1 April 2012

Retro-cases for the iPhone

Apple has paid considerable attention to design their products - a futuristic glossy monoblocks apple smartphones, tablets and playersbecome something of a trendsetter for other companies. However,true connoisseurs of Apple's products certainly have a certainnostalgia for the "classical" form of the old iPod, iMac and Macintosh. It is for these nostalgic yablokofilov and invented cases, designed to "wear out» iPhone.

New retro accessories for apple phone was developed by studioSchreer Delights. In some ways, new products allow us to look at the history of Apple in retrospect, and it is not about the old models of the iPhone, and about the first iPod, as well as an iMac and Macintosh.

Unfortunately, the cost of new products it is "apple" - for each of the three protective membranes have to pay $ 50.

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