Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The new coating will get rid of fingerprints on the touch screen

And since we are talking about the touch screen and newtechnologies allow us to solve old problems, I just can not ignore the development of scientists from the Max Planck Institute for PolymerResearch. They managed to create a coating that makes the screen is unresponsive to the bold footsteps of his fingers.

As a basis covering was used by conventional carbon black andsilica. The fact that black has excellent hydrophobic and oleophobicproperties (in other words, repels water and oils), and silicon dioxide useful to keep a layer of soot particles together and allowthem to remove the color by heat treatment.

News, of course, good, and the technology is simple enough for a quick start of commercial applications, but it should not expect aself-cleaning coatings for displays, windows and lenses in the near future. An article about the development appeared in the journal Science online only December 1, so that before the widespread use will be a long time.

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